“This is my second year attending classes at Polcomat. I started in grade 8 and I can say that I cannot have been more prepared for high school. The math is explained extremely well and every single question is well evaluated and answered.”

Milena, grade 9


“From the moment I was warmly welcomed by Mrs. Poliszot into her grade 3 class up until this year’s grade 11 class instructed by Mr. Poliszot I’ve been attending Polcomat School of Mathematics. Throughout these past 9 years I’ve left every worth while lesson with all my questions answered and a smile on my face. It’s nice knowing that you’re leaving not only understanding everything, but also well equipped for the future. Thank you Polcomat, your method really works!”

Adrian, grade 11


“As a previous Polcomat School of Mathematics student I would highly recommend and encourage parents to enroll their children into this program. The teachers were friendly, welcoming and always there to guide and develop mathematics skills. Polcomat allows for peer learning to occur as well as providing each student with the one on one attention that they may need. Polcomat helps you overcome any struggles you may be having within mathematics and teachers are always there to motivate and challenge you to be successful. The skills I learned here, not only mathematics but also skills such as communication and teamwork are tools I can take to further benefit me in my future endeavors.”

Maria, grade 12


“When my mother enrolled me in the Polcomat School of Mathematics I thought it would be like any other tutoring place I previously attended but it was more than that. The small class sizes cause my learning to improve dramatically, the positive reinforcement from teachers allowed me to achieve a lot of success in school, it was a pleasure going to this school of mathematics and I definitely recommend it.”

Natalia, grade 12


“After coming here my math marks have been a lot better. I feel like I actually understand math. They are dedicated and clearly enjoy helping their students.  I went to the other tutors before and nothing helped until now. The atmosphere is welcoming and no question goes unanswered!  I enjoy doing math because of the generous helpful people at Polcomat.”

Karolina, grade 12


“I’ve been going to Polcomat from grade 6 all way until grade 12. I can honestly say whether you are good at math or not, this school is great! It helps with present problems but also does a great job of preparing us for the years ahead.”

Tommy, grade 12


“The teachers at Polcomat spent a lot of effort to see each and every person attending the school to achieve their personal goals. I strongly believe that Polcomat School of Mathematics is perfect for those who want to succeed in life and achieve their future goals. This school does not only educate you in the classroom but it also teaches you how to think critically for the future. Many of the skills I learned here continue to help me with my studies in university.”

Natalia, grade 12