Polcomat Inc. School of Mathematics was founded in 1995.

Polcomat School of Mathematics is a private school offering classroom instruction for students attending grade 3 through 12. Class size for students in grade 3 through 11 average between 10 and 15 students. Classes for these grades are 1 hour once per week.

For students attending  grade 12 instruction is more individual and more intensive, attendance can be up to 3 times per week. Grade 10 and 11 students  may attend this program if required.

Ewa and Wieslaw Poliszot are mathematicians and computer scientists graduating from University of Warsaw, Poland. They program and teach the courses at the school. Polcomat School of Mathematics was founded by them, and from that time many former students become professionals: doctors, engineers, teachers… even designers or are involved in many other ambitious careers.

Sometimes parents ask: is this a school for students doing well and talented in math or for students facing difficulties? The answer is our school is for everyone who wants to get a good education and achieve something in life.

The school focuses and teaches logical thinking and concentrates on explanation and understanding. That improves imagination and expands young brains. Benefits are not only present in mathematical skills today also in other school subjects and beyond in a future life.

One more detail – math is not boring, classes are fun!